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If you intend visiting or relocating to the U.S, it is a good idea to find out about the types of public transportation in America. America offers a variety of travel options such as trains, taxis and buses, but in most cities the level of transport is poor. The public transport is not very well connected and the number of stops is limited. In most instances, you will have to rely on taxis or a private vehicle to reach your destination. Most people prefer to use their private cars for travel in the U.S.

Local Commuting

If you are based in an area that offers train or bus facilities, or both, you will have the option to purchases a daily ticket at the train station or from the driver of the bus. There are maps and publications available that will provide you with information regarding the routes, fares and schedules of the bus or train.

Commuter trains are available for transport between the suburbs and the city. No reservation is required and there is a single class of travel. These trains run more often during peak hour which is in the morning and evening when people are commuting to their places of work. In most areas, you will have to purchase a ticket once you arrive at the train station.


Long distance train travelling is not popular in America. One of the main reasons for its unpopularity is the irregularity of the train service. Train travel is expensive and can be compared to the cost of flying, but with longer travel times. Air travel also offers a more frequent schedule. As America is a huge country, the travel distances between cities is quite big and many people have no wish to spend vast amounts of time sitting on a train.

Amtrak is the main passenger railroad company in America. All their trains offer air-conditioning with big windows. If you have the time and wish to see the country, this may be a pleasant option. Long distance train travel offers two classes of travel, namely sleeping and coach. In the event that you would like a sleeping facility, you will have to reserve your ticket in advance.


Several companies such as Greyhound, Peter Pan and Trailways offer bus travel facilities between cities. This is a slow mode of transport, but economical. Most of these long distance buses offer a comfortable ride, with air-conditioning, toilet facilities and they make regular stops to stretch your legs and get some food.

Air Travel

This is the preferred method of travel in America. There are often good deals to be found if you shop around and book in advance. The number of airports in the country is numerous and the flight schedules are regular, and the airlines offer good connectivity. It is for these conveniences that air travel is so popular in the U.S.
These are the types of public transportation in America that is readily available. You should be aware that since the terrorist attacks in 2001, airport security has been tightened, even if you intend travelling within America.

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